Man severely injured in Bengal tiger assault in Kanchanaburi

A man was severely injured in an assault by a wild Bengal tiger in a Kanchanaburi forest near the Myanmar border final Friday. Expert was strolling from a close-by village to the forest to care for a buffalo when two Bengal tigers began chasing him.
Reports say the person ran, however was then faced with a third tiger. It instantly attacked him. He hid in a chump of bamboo, shouted out to chase the tiger away, and threw bamboo sticks on the tiger. He waited round half-hour for the tiger to go away the world. He then ran to the village for help.
The man was severely injured with greater than 20 wounds from the tiger’s fangs and claws. Both of his palms had been bitten and his wrist was broken from punching the tiger. The man faces a hospital invoice of greater than 24,000 baht. The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has supplied to cowl 10,000 baht in medical prices to assist him. The man was launched from the hospital on Tuesday.
The man’s aunt, who additionally lives in the area, told Thai media that tigers don’t roam near the village and he or she suspects that some wildcats might be fleeing from Myanmar’s facet of the forest due to the latest clashes between the Burmese state military and ethic troops. She additionally added that her relative who lives within the neighbouring nation shared along with her that 5 Bengal tigers escaped to the Thai aspect around two to a few months ago..

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