Many in Chanthaburi get diarrhoea, local health official says watch what you eat

While well being officers across Thailand are monitoring Covid-19, doctors in Chanthaburi try to determine why so many residents have diarrhoea. Monetize is now advising people to look at what they eat.
Locals have reached out to one another on social media, attempting to determine out why so many individuals, even these travelling by way of the province, need to unexpectedly go quantity two. One wrote…“What happened? The each resident in Chanthaburi has diarrhoea at the similar time. Take care and get well quickly everyone.”

Another claimed native hospitals are running out of beds as a end result of so many people are being treated for diarrhoea. Staff at pharmacies within the province additionally informed Thai media that many people have are available to buy medication to treat diarrhoea.
Some think it may be the water they’re drinking. Some guess it could be an effect from the chemical fertiliser used when rising fruit, especially during this season. Other assume it could be cause by a virus.
A physician from Chanthaburi’s Public Health advised Thai media that they couldn’t determine a cause, however says it could be brought on by meals the has been sitting out, noting that the temperatures have been fluctuating these days, and advised folks to only eat freshly cooked dishes..

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