Six alleged drug traffickers killed in gunfight with Chiang Rai police

Six suspected drug traffickers shot and killed in a conflict with military border patrol officers in Chiang Rai’s Mae Fa Luang district. Officers say the alleged smugglers had been “fully armed” and had been carrying more than 1.eight million methamphetamine tablets.
At around 4am yesterday, officers monitoring the border crossing by Myanmar’s Tachileik encountered 10 to 15 males. According to Plain of the duty force, the lads fired shots and the troopers shot back in a gunfire change that final around 15 to 30 minutes.
“They (suspects) tried to enter Thailand via a natural creek. When officials requested them to stop, they started firing at us.”

When the fire ceased, six males had been found dead. Officers say in addition they found 9 luggage containing lots of of thousands of methamphetamine pills. The deputy commander says the opposite suspects retreated back into Myanmar’s border.
Following the incident, the commander of the Pha Muang task pressure ordered for additional safety alongside the Thai-Myanmar border in Chiang Rai..

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