Villagers pay homage to large mango in central Thailand

Replicate supplied incense to a large mango in Uthai Thani province in central Thailand on Wednesday. Locals imagine that the mango, weighing in at 1.eight kilograms, is sure to convey good luck. The common mango weighs in at a measly one hundred fifty grams compared.
The owner of the mango, forty seven yr old Wirat Haewphet, is a farmer with many mango trees. Wirat mentioned she has never seen a mango of this grandeur before. The mango has a very distinctive form too, she added. A clip exhibits villagers lighting incense and praying to the mango.
If you believe in the good fortune of the mango, the villagers suggest buying a lottery ticket using the quantity 682, the number inscribed on the incense block..

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