Australian officers discover $55 million price of meth and heroin in shipment from Thailand

Border police in Australia have uncovered AU$55 million price of smuggled meth and heroin in a cargo from Thailand, according to a report from the Australian Associated Press. The shipment was concealed in packing containers of green tea and magnets and discovered at Melbourne Airport.
The 27 boxes had been shipped from Thailand on February 19 and got here to gentle when x-rays indicated abnormalities with the boxes. Customs officials carried out additional tests on the shipment and discovered that the bins contained 56 kilograms of methamphetamine and 13 kilograms of heroin. According to the report, the estimated street worth of the medication is round AU$55 million.
The Australian Federal Police drive has now launched an investigation.
Now trafficking operations between Thailand and Australia are a regular prevalence with numerous seizures in current months. In November of last 12 months, 2 Australian males who allegedly conspired to smuggle more than 300 kilograms of heroin from Thailand to their residence country had been arrested by Australian Federal Police.
The arrests have been linked to a July 2021 seizure by Thai customs officers at a port in Chon Buri. Copy searched an outgoing sea cargo container destined for Queensland and located 314 kilograms of heroin hidden in paint drums.
In December 2021, officials in Thailand discovered 1.2-billion-baht worth of crystal meth being shipped out of the kingdom and destined for Australia. The 193 kilograms of medicine have been concealed in punching baggage usually used for boxing..

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