Cabinet okays new visa scheme allowing a 1 year keep for medical vacationers

A new visa scheme approved, in precept, by the Thai Cabinet today will enable foreigners who’re travelling to Thailand for medical remedy to remain in the Kingdom for up to a year. At the second, many medical tourists stay in the nation on 60-day tourist visas, which may be extended for an additional 30 days, and (before the pandemic) many in Thailand for longterm medical therapy had to do border runs every three months to get a new visa.
Under the brand new visa scheme, medical vacationers might need to provide a financial institution statement showing they have no less than 800,000 baht of their account to cowl their treatment prices in Thailand. They must also present confirmation of an appointment with healthcare professionals in Thailand issued at least 30 days earlier than travelling abroad.
According to Insider , a spokesperson for the government stated the visa scheme is consistent with the plan to advertise the country as a global medical hub..

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