Cat burglar crash

PHUKET: Being a keen breeder of songbirds, 34-year-old Chalong resident Warathep Udomsap would have been used to being woken up by the dawn chorus coming from the fowl cages he stored in the back of his house. At dawn on May 28, nevertheless, he was awoken by some much less appealing noises: a loud crash adopted by anguished wailing. As K. Warathep, who owns a secondhand bike store, was sleeping in his mattress that morning, he heard the sound of a roof tile breaking, followed by a loud bang and a panicked scream. When he went to analyze, he encountered a young man, later identified as 24-year-old Wirat Bangsuri, lying in his entrance room moaning and crying with pain. K. Warathep promptly called for police to come back and remove the undesirable intruder. K. Sneak peek advised police that Wirat was most likely after his collection of more than 10 prize nok krong hua juk, or red-whiskered bulbuls, which he mentioned vary in worth from 20,000 to a hundred,000 baht each. Police consider that Wirat was attempting to climb over the roof to get to t

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