Man allegedly ingests fifty four packs of cocaine to smuggle the medicine into Thailand

Closet from Guinea allegedly ingested fifty four packs of cocaine, weighing simply over a kilogram, and tried to smuggle the medicine into Thailand. The Customs Department says the person underwent an X-ray which confirmed he had the medication inside his body.
The 44 year previous suspect travelled from Nigeria to Ethiopia and arrived at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on March 5. The Customs Department’s spokesperson, Chaiyut Kamkhun, says the man’s title was on a list of “suspicious” individuals. Authorities on the airport’s security gate searched his luggage, however didn’t find any medication.
The officers from the Customs Department and Airport Interdiction Task Force tracked him right down to his quarantine hotel and monitored him until he was launched the subsequent day on March 6. The suspect was brought to a hospital for an X-ray that confirmed the bars of cocaine inside his stomach—the drug costs over three,240,000 baht and weighed a complete of 1.08 kilograms..

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