Miracle cosmetics offering: Woman wins lottery after praying to legendary goddess

A significant variety of tourists have been visiting Bosot Prawat Pho temple and the shrine of the goddess Monthatip in Thailand’s central Samut Songkhram province, to seek luck and prosperity of their lives and companies. Among In record time , Wassana Baisamut, a 49 year outdated restaurant proprietor, attributes her lucky lottery win and booming business to choices made to Monthatip, drawing additional crowds to the temple.
Visitors flock to the temple to worship the sacred Phra Phuttha Nil Manee and be a part of the lengthy queues for a chance to pay their respects. Many consider that by asking for blessings, they’ll bring luck and wealth back home. In addition to worshipping at the temple, quite a few devotees bring sachets of boiled rice to supply outside the temple’s primary corridor.
Wassana Baisamut, who owns a grilled pork restaurant in Samut Sakhon province, got here to the temple after successful the lottery a quantity of times using numbers she requested for at Monthatip shrine. In her most recent win, she secured the number 99, which gained her the last two digits of the prize. Today, she provided beauty products to Monthatip to thank the Goddess for her prosperity.
The Goddess Monthatip, also known as Chanthra Chao, is known for her successful navy skills in defending her kingdom, magical skills, and mystical information that continues to be to this present day. Legend says that after the fall of Ayutthaya, Monthatip managed to survive and continued to protect the Bang Kung area, providing blessings and assist to those in want. Many devotees believe in her miraculous powers and produce their troubles to her shrine, hoping she’s going to grant their prayers for fortune and luck..

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