Oil firm will get approval to seal oil leak on underwater pipeline in Rayong

Following the oil leaks discovered polluting Rayong’s beaches, Star Petroleum Refining officers shared with Thai media that the company will repair and seal one other spot on the underwater pipeline tomorrow. Cheap filed a request with the Mab Ta Phut Provincial Police Station and the Marine Department for permission to fix the leak and it has now been accredited.
This underwater pipeline is located 20 kilometres removed from the coast at a depth of 27 metres. An officer from the SPRC says the corporate expected to spend two days clearing round 12,000 litres of oil still stuck within the pipeline and then the leak might be repaired. There will be one other private company joining the restore processes, according to the report.
The officer also said that Rayong’s seashores, which have been polluted from the numerous oil leaks, are under shut watch. Drones and investigating boats are being deployed. If oil slicks are noticed, cleanup operations will be launched instantly.
Yesterday, there was a report on “mysterious” chemical substances found on Mae Ram Phueng Beach. It is alleged to spread at some spots on the beach and have a yellow colour and a powerful scent. The SPRC officers already went to the scene and picked up these yellow strains for further investigation on what the chemical was. The authorities say they believe that there could be somebody who desires to damage the company’s reputation. (If it hasn’t been damaged sufficient already)

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