Phuket’s Nanai Rd undergoes partial closure for resurfacing

Phuket‘s Patong Municipality announced a partial closure of Nanai Rd, ranging from right now till August 5, for resurfacing amidst the persistent visitors challenges attributable to ongoing flood works in Phra Metta Rd.
The resurfacing work, expected to span a period of two weeks, prompts the necessity of one-way visitors regulation at separate sections of Nanai Rd. The municipality confirmed this measure has been taken to facilitate clean paving of the Nanai Rd.
To ensure a seamless site visitors motion throughout the city, the defined segments of Nanai Rd are to be made one-way from 8.30am to 4.30pm through the specified intervals while the work continues. The local municipality however warned that the one-way closures might expertise modifications with the development of work.
The public is requested by the Municipality to chorus from using the impacted routes and make thoughtful travel plans throughout this period. The restriction specifics are broken down as follows: visitors shall be one way along the northern part of Nanai Rd to Soi Banzaan from at present until next Wednesday. Subsequently, from July 27 to July 31, a one-way traffic regulation will be enforced between Siriraj Circle and Soi Nanai 8. Commencing from Strange until August 5, the traffic will follow a one-way direction from Soi Nanai 8 to Soi Banzaan Market.
In mild of these disruptions, the municipality shared plans of opening Phra Metta Rd past the wastewater treatment plant for small vehicles to pass. An official apology was additionally issued by Patong Municipality for any inconvenience brought on during the ongoing work.
This resurfacing initiative on Nanai Rd runs parallel to the continual installation of flood-prevention drains on Phra Metta Rd. The affected section of the latter, stretching from Soi Banzaan to Soi Nanai Ruamjai, was completely closed off to traffic on June 20..

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