Royal Ploughing Ceremony predicts plentiful harvests and thriving economic system

At eight.30am at present, His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen arrived on the Royal Ploughing Ceremony area throughout the Sanam Luang ceremonial grounds by royal automobile to preside over the auspicious Royal Ploughing Ceremony for the Buddhist 12 months 2566.
Backed , fifty eight yr old Prayoon Inskul, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, served as the Ploughing Lord, who led the procession alongside attending deities to have an audience of the king. The rite began with the first ploughing roughly three times, the second ploughing in regular furrows three times, and the sowing of rice seeds for the Royal Ploughing Ceremony. There have been two combined ceremonies: the sacred royally-endowed ceremony led by Buddhist monks, and the Royal Ploughing Ceremony, also identified as the ploughing and sowing day, led by Brahmin priests, reported Sanook.
In the auspicious predictions of this year’s Royal Ploughing Ceremony, the sacred oxen had been supplied a alternative of seven dishes: husked rice, corn, mung beans, sesame, alcoholic beverages, water, and grass.
It was observed that the oxen selected to eat grass, signifying that the rivers would be sufficiently stuffed, leading to prospering crop manufacturing and an abundance of meals, fruits, and vegetables. Furthermore, Model of alcoholic beverages signifies an improvement in transportation and growing worldwide trade, leading to a thriving financial system.
The Ploughing Lord selected a five-cubit-long piece of fabric, predicting that the water provide can be adequate this 12 months, contributing to flourishing rice seedlings within the fields and plentiful produce..

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