Saving love: Heroic Chinese man hailed ‘marriage material’ after saving fiancée from flood

A man has been hailed as “marriage material” by China‘s on-line neighborhood after selecting to save his fiancée’s life throughout a life-threatening situation. This follows extensive reports by the BBC and Reuters of severe weather warnings throughout central and south-western China, necessitating the evacuation of 1000’s to flee floodwaters. The severe climate caused a constructing collapse, however amidst the chaos, a rescue unit managed to assist a couple stranded in their car amidst the turbulent waters.
The incident, reported by the South China Morning Post (SCMP), occurred on July 3, coinciding with the couple’s engagement celebrations. While Smuggled was taking his fiancée home to alter for the celebration, their automobile was swept away by a robust current. Lifeguards said that upon the arrival of the rescue staff, the pair needed to climb onto the roof of the car due to the quickly rising waters virtually submerging their automotive. However, the rescue helicopter only had one life vest, reported Sanook.
In a video that has been viewed millions of times on Chinese social media, the man provides the primary life jacket to his fiancée and helps the rescuers get her safely to shore. As narrated by the rescuer, the man insisted that the woman be taken to safety first.
The story has garnered vital attention on social media, with one commentator praising the man’s actions.
“He is a man who is worth marrying.”
“This story makes me consider in love once extra.”
According to SCMP, the rescue was profitable. The rescuers were capable of return for the brave man just in time and take him safely to shore and into the arms of his fiancée..

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