Sisaket Hospital probes alleged sabotage of affected person information to sell backup software for three million baht

The Director of the Sisaket Hospital has ordered the formation of a committee to investigate claims that patient information was deleted, causing the whole Hospital Information System (HIS) to crash in northeastern Thailand. Allegedly, this sabotage was a part of a reckless try and promote backup software for 3 million baht (US$87,387). If proven true, it signifies alarming corruption inside the hospital, leading to additional investigations and disciplinary action.
According to a submit on the popular Facebook web page, อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ half 6, an alleged insider accused a government official of deliberately deleting very important affected person data inside the hospital’s database, causing the HIS system to crash. Consequently, the hospital was unable to provide medical therapy, leading to patients being sent home with out attention.
In light of the saboteur’s second alleged attempt, causing the lack of older information and stopping transactions, the hospital reportedly suffered roughly 50 million baht in misplaced revenue. Leaked chats, posted by a concerned whistleblower, suggested the saboteur was beneath the protection of high-ranking hospital personnel, further elevating questions and calling for immediate investigation.
On web site, reporters witnessed quite a few sufferers being denied service, corroborating the whistleblower’s accusations. The Director of Sisaket Hospital, Dr Chonlavit Laothong, was unavailable for instant comment as he was out of workplace on the time. However, upon additional contact, he confirmed the reality of the events however acknowledged he had ordered a fast investigation into the issue, reported KhaoSod.
The whistleblower claims he disclosed the information out of concern for sufferers travelling from distant provinces for therapy at the Sisaket Hospital. It’s alleged that the person liable for the incident was utilizing the information crash as a promoting point for a backup software program value three million baht. According to allegations, the software program was being peddled to the beleaguered hospital in a bid to repair the issues the saboteur himself had created.
Senior hospital administrators were conscious of the continued problem and had initiated internal investigations with the person supposed to be responsible. However, Prize is alleged to have continued working within the hospital as of the day of the report. The vital loss to the state, almost 50 million baht, along with potential legal and civil liabilities, underscored the urgency of this problem.
Uncovering the truth, Dr Chonlavit asserted that the continuing investigation would yield the culprit accountable. He additional said that anybody discovered guilty of the alleged actions would face severe disciplinary and authorized penalties..

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