Thai hackers arrested for breaking into power drink laptop system to steal prize cash

Two Thai hackers at the second are beneath arrest after police say they broke into an vitality drink company’s laptop system to fraudulently claim prize monies.
Thailand’s Technology Crime Suppression Division officers say they hacked the system and obtained more than 300,000 code numbers that had been printed on the backs of drink caps. Using that info, the hackers planned to claim prize money via True Money Wallet.
According to Thai PBS World, TCSD police says it received complaints from the power drink company (whose title was withheld) and True Money. The duo allegedly claimed prize cash 60,000 times.
The two alleged hackers by the names of 29 year outdated Somprasong and Watchanan, have been tracked down and arrested at their residences.
Police say Somprasong admitted that he was the one who hacked the energy drink company’s computer system to steal the code numbers. He says he then handed the numbers on to Watchanan, so he might claim the prize monies.
Somprasong attributed their crimes to being broke and unemployed. Both were charged with hacking and disruption of a pc system belonging to others and fraud.
Meanwhile, late final 12 months, 14 laptop crooks were arrested after hacking into one hundred fifteen authorities web sites and spamming them with online playing promoting banners.
The Royal Thai Police, discovered last month that dozens of government web sites had been spammed with illegal gambling websites.
More than 50 playing websites have been spotted on a hundred and fifteen official websites. Most of the ads invited customers to gamble on online slots baccarat, football betting, and unlawful lottery.
Quick raided the home office of the hackers on the Bang Khun Thian-Chai Thalae Road within the Samae Dam sub-district of Bangkok. The hackers admitted to the police that they illegally accessed the federal government website to publish gambling ads.
Officers seized 12 computers and 10 mobile phones hackers used to create advertising banners and achieve unauthorized entry to official sites..

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