Thai police catch man accused of murdering and burying bank manager

Thai police today caught a man accused of murdering and burying a bank supervisor within the central Nonthaburi province. Nonthaburi investigators and Din Daeng police arrested the suspect, 32 year previous Tasapong Suprom-in, in Bangkok’s Din Daeng district at present, Bangkok Post reported.
The body of Rotenaruebet Hasadindetdamrong, the manager of Bangkok Bank’s headquarters in the Silom space of Bangkok, was found buried in the yard of his house in Nonthaburi’s Sai Noi district.
Rotenaruebet’s adopted daughter, Kritika Hasadindetdamrong, went to Tasapong’s home along with her relations yesterday, after her adoptive father had been lacking for a few days. They encountered Tasapong leaving the house and later discovered a knife, a blood-stained rope, and the body.
Following a grievance by Kritika, Nonthaburi Provincial Court ordered an arrest warrant for Tasapong for homicide and concealment of a physique.
Police obtained an arrest warrant after surveillance footage showed the Tasapong, a Nonthaburi native, cursing at Rotenaruebet in entrance of Rotenaruebet’s home on Monday night.
In an earlier report, Rotenaruebet’s 26 yr outdated niece, Piyakorn, recounted to Channel three the events main as a lot as the discovery of Rojnaruebet’s body.
Piyakorn had been making an attempt to contact Rojnaruebet since Saturday, April 15, however was unsuccessful. She, together with the victim’s nephew and Kritika, visited his residence at roughly 3pm the following day to search for him. Upon arrival, they encountered Rojnaruebet’s employee, Thatsapong Supromin, who claimed that Rojnaruebet was not present as a outcome of he was visiting a good friend within the Silom area of Bangkok.
Illusive left the situation at the identical time as their arrival and locked the entrance gate earlier than departing. Although everybody was suspicious of Thatsapong’s behaviour, nobody dared to confront him because of the fear of potential violence. Before leaving, he said…
“See you at the police station.”
After being unable to enter the house due to a locked front gate, Piyakorn enlisted the assist of a resident to break the lock. Upon getting into the residence, a powerful odour was detected emanating from the yard, prompting them to analyze.
Blood stains and a pile of soil and rocks have been discovered, and upon digging, Rojnaruebet’s lifeless body was discovered wrapped in a plastic bag.
Piyakorn disclosed that Thatsapong was beforehand employed to maintain the residence, however was terminated due to his struggles with alcoholism. She suspects that Thatsapong was enraged with Rojnaruebet and dedicated the murder..

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