Thailand advises Indians to obtain visa prior to travelling to avoid lengthy queues

The Royal Thai Embassy in India advised Indians to acquire visas from the embassy or consulate before travelling to avoid lengthy queues at Bangkok‘s Suvarnabhumi Airport upon arrival in Thailand.
International vacationers have been flooding into Thailand since High Season began final month. For the primary time in years, 50,000 overseas tourists passed by way of immigration at Suvarnabhumi Airport in in the future last month. The number one tourists had been Indians, with 5,200 arriving that day.
Despite immigration officers staffing all the obtainable booths and reportedly spending no longer than 45 seconds checking the documents of every arrival, tourists are still queuing up for hours to get via the border into Thailand.
To lure in vacationers, Thailand is granting longer stays to vacationers this High Season. So while Indians are eligible to achieve a visa on arrival that grants them as a lot as 30 days in the kingdom, their vacation may get off to a bitter start in the event that they find yourself waiting hours for his or her visa.
The embassy advises acquiring a visa at their local Thai embassy or consulate earlier than travelling to make the process smoother and sooner. Tourist Visa (TV) grants a keep of as a lot as 60 days.
Thailand’s ambassador to India Pattarat Hongtong said…
“I suppose that is quite natural for any airport, not solely in Thailand. When we open the borders, nobody can count on the precise variety of incoming guests or tourists. So that’s why for Indians we advise them to get a visa from the Embassy or Consulate General earlier than travelling to Thailand which may be helpful towards issues.
No problem have tried to enhance by rising the number of individuals that work at the airport to facilitate the tourists.”
Visa on arrival might be the one purpose behind the long queues at Suvarnabhumi Airport, added Pattarat..

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