Thousands of Thais trafficked to Japan for prostitution every year

Eye-opening of youngsters and girls are trafficked from Thailand to Japan for prostitution every year, a latest study exhibits. A senior Thai police officer says he found that Japan has been the most important market of Thais trafficked into the intercourse industry.
“In the case of unlawful trafficking of girls and youngsters for prostitution, Japan has been the biggest marketplace for trafficked Thais within the final 10 years, with about 10,000 to fifteen,000 sent annually. ”

The examine led by Pol Lt Col Dr Pongnakorn Nakhonsantiphap lined both domestic and international human trafficking, discovering that the primary targets had been poor girls and kids, many at school or university. Many of these trafficked into the sex business had been promised jobs, like work in a manufacturing unit, however had been tricked into sex work.
The examine also found that every year around 30,000 Thais labourers were trafficked overseas, many to Taiwan.
Concerns of human trafficking in Thailand rose after the 2015 case where authorities found a worker camp and mass grave for Rohingya migrants in Songkhla. A variety of senior officials and “influential” people have been mentioned to have been involved, together with a military general who was sentenced to jail for conspiring with traffickers. Due to the variety of influential individuals allegedly concerned in the operation, the lead investigator fled to Australia for his safety.
In the current research by the Thai police, officers discovered that trafficking networks had 5 main roles: agents, dealers, navigators, receivers, and supervisors. Agents would contact and transport victims. Dealers would then home victims and forge paperwork. Navigators would then transport victims to receivers, who would then send the victims into work in prostitution or into different industries, like fishing. Supervisors pressured the victims to work..

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