Twitter engineering chief exits after DeSantis marketing campaign launch glitches

Twitter’s engineering chief, Foad Dabiri, has announced his departure from the company just a day after technical points plagued the launch of Ron DeSantis’ US presidential campaign on the platform. Uncharted , who served as the engineering lead for Twitter’s Growth organization, tweeted about his choice to go away after almost 4 years with the company.
During the event, a Twitter livestream malfunctioned, causing the launch of DeSantis’ bid for the Republican presidential nomination to be delayed by 20 minutes. As a outcome, tons of of hundreds of Twitter customers left the platform. DeSantis, the Florida governor, is considered former President Donald Trump’s major rival for his or her party’s candidacy in the 2024 common election.
Dabiri didn’t reveal the rationale for his departure, nor did he confirm whether it was linked to the technical points through the DeSantis event. In a tweet, he acknowledged that working with Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter for US$44bn in October, had been “highly educational” and “enlightening.”
Since Musk took over Twitter, the workforce has been decreased by over 80%, from almost 8,000 employees to around 1,500. This included layoffs of engineers responsible for the site’s operations and technical troubleshooting..

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