World’s largest crocodile celebrates a hundred and twentieth birthday in Australia

Australia‘s Marineland Crocodile Park celebrated the presumed 120th birthday of Cassius, the world’s largest captive crocodile. Minutes , measuring 5.forty eight meters in size, has been a resident of the park on Green Island in Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef since 1984, after being captured within the Northern Territory’s Finniss River for allegedly causing numerous cattle deaths.
Cassius, who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest crocodile in captivity, nonetheless reveals high vitality despite his age. Typically, older reptiles tend to turn out to be lethargic and fewer conscious of their surroundings. “He’s one of the liveliest crocodiles we have, and he’s very engaged with the park,” stated park owner George Craig. Cassius’s skin bears many scars from fights he took part in during his younger years in the wild.
Graeme Webb, one of many scientists concerned in capturing Cassius, recalled the size of the reptile at the time: “He was sixteen ft, 10 inches with no much less than one other 6 inches of tail lacking and a little bit of a snout lacking.”
Cassius was transported over three,000 kilometres from his capture site to Cairns before being brought to Green Island by ferry. Marineland Crocodile Park originally opened in 1971, with greater than 30 crocodiles being transported from Daru, Papua New Guinea to the park on Green Island.
A week in the past,a 19 year old teenager in Northern Australia had a miraculous escape after being dragged underwater by a giant crocodile whereas out fishing with his family members on Groote Eylandt. Despite his terrifying experience, Zefha Butcher managed to survive the harrowing encounter with solely minor accidents..

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