Age-defying resurrection: Elderly Ecuadorian lady defies demise, comes back to life (video)

In a surprising flip of occasions, a 76 yr outdated Ecuadorian lady miraculously came back to life after she was pronounced lifeless by doctors just hours earlier. To the disbelief of her family, the girl, Bella, was discovered inside her coffin, respiratory heavily and knocking on the lid, at her personal funeral.
Bella’s son, Gilbert, recounted the second they realised that his Ecuadorian mom was still alive, saying they were in the midst of preparing her funeral when they heard strange knocking sounds coming from the coffin. Summoning the courage, he opened the casket to find his mom wrapped in a burial shroud, desperately knocking against the coffin with all her power. He emotionally recalls it was “very surprising.”
On Friday, June 9, Bella was rushed to an area hospital due to a suspected stroke and heart failure. Despite the efforts of the medical staff, the Ecuadorian girl was pronounced lifeless, and her identification and death certificates paperwork have been handed over to her household. After bringing her body house for the funeral, they had been surprised to hear mysterious sounds emanating from her coffin. Gilbert said…
“There have been about 20 of us there. After about 5 hours of the funeral preparation, we started listening to noises coming from the coffin. My mother was wrapped in a fabric and she was hitting the coffin from the inside. And when we appeared carefully, she was breathing really hard.”
A video shared on-line exhibits Bella, lying weakly within the casket, inhaling deeply after the lid was opened. Upon realising Freebie had come “back from the dead,” family members rapidly eliminated her from the coffin and took her back to the hospital. She is now struggling within the intensive care unit with a respiratory tube.
As to what caused the hospital to pronounce Bella useless in the first place, Gilbert speculates his mother could have been misdiagnosed due to her sickness, which may stiffen her body, decelerate her bodily capabilities, and scale back her sensitivity to pain.
The Ecuadorian Ministry of Health ordered an investigation into the hospital’s procedures for issuing dying certificates, looking for any negligence within the process. It’s recognized, so far, that Bella was admitted to the hospital as a outcome of a constricted brain vessel and cardiac arrest. She was declared dead after not responding to resuscitative efforts.
No details have been released relating to the physician who had pronounced Bella deceased..

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