Heavy rainfall fills Phimai Dam to capability, floodgates opened for irrigation

Relentless downpours in Nakhon Ratchasima have brought on the water ranges upstream of the Phimai Dam to surge dramatically. In response to this watery predicament, the authorities overseeing the Phimai Dam have taken proactive measures. They’ve opened two floodgates, strategically directing the surplus water into native irrigation canals.
This very important intervention has introduced much-needed aid to farmers within the Tha Luang, Chivan, Dong Yai, and Krachon areas, making certain a continued provide of water for his or her crucial agricultural pursuits.
The torrential rains had pushed the Phimai Dam perilously near its capability, prompting swift action by the Water Distribution Project Centre and the devoted officers from the Samrit Tung Field Maintenance group stationed at the Phimai Dam.
Their decision to open two floodgates at the main canal’s mouth has successfully channelled surplus water into the irrigation community, offering a timely lifeline to the agricultural heartlands of the area.
At the rear of the Phimai Dam, 1 metre excessive floodgates have been raised to provide water for agricultural use to the farmers located behind the dam. However, these floodgates will be closed to retailer water if the heavy rainfall subsides.
Meanwhile, locals have seized this chance to fish within the Mun River. As water levels rise, fish move downstream, and residents have taken benefit of this to catch a selection of species together with white fish, doctor fish, and tilapia. The catch is mainly used to organize meals, but if caught in abundance, it’s bought to generate income for households.
The present situation has effectively turned a crisis into an opportunity, with locals benefiting from the elevated water move.
It has additionally provided important water provides to farmers, ensuring their agricultural actions can proceed regardless of the heavy rainfall. However, as the weather changes, authorities remain vigilant, ready to adapt their water management methods accordingly, reported KhaoSod.
Numerous areas in Thailand are making ready for extra flooding as heavy rainfall is forecasted from tomorrow via next Wednesday. Read Expert .
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