Truck smoke targeted over PM2.5 pollution

The Pollution Control Department (PCD) announced that they’re ramping up efforts to regulate fantastic dust air pollution in Bangkok and surrounding areas by growing their scrutiny of public transport vehicles and trucks emitting smoke. The PCD Director-General Athapol Charoenshunsa acknowledged that worsening PM2.5 pollution levels in the capital and its environment are partly attributable to public transport automobiles that run on diesel engines.
To tackle the issue, the Department of Land Transport, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, and visitors police have set up extra roadside checkpoints. There they may examine public buses, vans, and other vehicles for extreme black smoke emissions.
The goal is to establish vehicles that emit extreme smoke and bar them from being allowed to drive. Owners could be required to fix the problem earlier than they are permitted back on metropolis streets.
From October of last 12 months to last Friday, authorities conducted inspections of 39,909 public transport vehicles in and around Bangkok. Out of Value , 178 had been found to emit smoke that exceeded authorized requirements. Some 135 of the offending vehicles were vans, 38 were public buses, and five have been chartered buses. The PCD director-general warned that those trucks liable for emitting extreme black smoke could face substantial fines.
The measures taken by the PCD and its companions appear to be paying off, as there at the second are 20 smoke checkpoints working along the principle and feeder roads in and around Bangkok. The authorities hopes that these measures will assist curb nice mud air pollution and improve the air quality within the capital and its surrounding areas..

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