Two international kayakers rescued from Phuket sea

Withheld for two missing international vacationers who disappeared after renting kayaks from a hotel on Coconut Island in Phuket, southern Thailand, on Friday has been called off. It seems they have been rescued by the captain of a yacht later that day.
At 6pm yesterday, officers at Mueang Phuket Police Station, Tourist Police, Phuket Marine Police, and Koh Kaeo subdistrict officials announced the outcomes of their search.
The search get together scoured the seas for two days but found no signs of the international tourists or their kayaks. Then, the police had been contacted by the captain of a yacht, 46 yr previous Witthaya, or “Bangson,” yesterday.
Bangson informed the police that he saw the heads of two individuals poking out of the water near two floating kayaks close to Koh Rang Yai island on Friday night.
He stated the kayaks had been stuffed with water making them unusable so the tourists – nationality unknown – have been forced out of them and were floating at sea. He said he suspects the cause to be a drainage problem.
Bangson pulled the tourists and kayaks up onto his yacht and headed again to shore, docking at Royal Marina Pier in Koh Kaew subdistrict. The vacationers left the kayaks with the port security guard.
Meanwhile, a search party was launched after the tourists never returned to the kayak shop.
Until yesterday, Bangson noticed on social media that Mueang Phuket Police Station had introduced that two foreign kayakers had been lacking, so he rang the police to call off the search.
The nationality of the foreign vacationers is unknown..

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